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two bowl plates, a normal plate and a olive oil presented in a nice glass, chicken salad in the first bowl and pasta in the other, the normal plate is cut of only showing half of it in the picture frame
Official Dario's Café logo
"Breakfast - brunch - lunch - afternoon cake - Dario’s is owned and run by an authentic Italian couple. We may be small, but our vibe has a real Italian feel that is part coffee bar, part restaurant, part family feast.

Join us for breakfast, Roman-style pizza, the best gourmet burgers in the bay, pasta, piadine, daily gastronomic delights, salad, sandwiches, in-house baked cakes, croissants and more.

We are fully licensed, with ice-cold beers and wine and of course Grappa to settle digestion.

We offer fast and free WiFi, the littles can enjoy outside play area and we have Gift Vouchers available.
We can make a small function venue available for kids' birthday parties, adult birthday parties, baby showers, product launches... just ask us!"


Dario's cafe' is a melting pot, as our food can attest. Take a bite and savour deliziosa vita!


Dario's cafe' is a melting pot, as our food can attest. Take a bite and savour deliziosa vita!

The image shows three plates. The top-left plate contains two eggs, bacon, and what appears to be chicken. On the other side, there are two slices of bread with a sandwich featuring began mayo, tomatoes, and salad. At the bottom of this plate are strawberries, bananas, and possibly


you'll find Dario's Cafe's logo set against a pixel collage. The largest framed picture in the top right corner depicts a bar area at Dario's Cafe with two drinks. Moving to the right, the top plate showcases a chicken burger, a side of chips, and a fresh salad. Directly below, you'll see a plate of salad with strips of chicken. In the lower part of the image collection, there's a photograph of a man holding four glasses, two wine glasses, and two regular drinking glasses, one of which likely contains juice, all placed on a black tray. In his other hand, he's holding a glass, presumably filled with wine. Lastly, there's a picture of a delicious Pizza Margherita adorned with fresh leaves. These alt text descriptions aim to ensure an accessible experience for users with visual impairments.


Image shows a tray with five containers. Two of these are glasses filled with water. The remaining three are cups, containing iced coffee with ice cream inside, and an Americano. All three cups are resting on a white plate with spoons placed beside them. The cups are blue, the plates are white, and the glasses are transparent.


Inside Daria's Cafe, on the table, there are three cakes and one brownie tray cake. The cake on the left is iced in white with sprinkles of chocolate, while the one on the right has icing only at the top and appears to be made of chocolate. The cake on the bottom right appears to be a cheesecake with fudge on top. In the background, you can see Daria's Cafe's bar and a vending machine stocked with various drinks.

Celebration cake

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